vendor managed inventory

​​Vendor Managed Inventory gives our customers the opportunity to further minimize downtime and peak performance by having access to bulk hose, fittings and the crimping tools on-site 24/7.

A great way to administer inventory at your facility without the stress.

Stable supply

A stable supply of replacement components to help you to operate efficiently

Professional training

Professional training for proper hose building and best practices​


Customized inventory for your equipment needs

Expert Experience

Over 35 years of experience providing expert solutions in the industrial and hydraulic industries

About the program

By working closely with you MWH sales professional, you can have a tailored inventory for your facility or job site hydraulic needs and the expert training that comes with over 35 years of experience in the Industrial and Hydraulic Hose industry. Your MWH sales team will maintain the necessary stock levels to keep you in business and as your equipment changes so can your managed inventory. Contact your local MWH location for more details.

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