Aftermarket Equipment Installation

Midwest Hose & Specialty offers a variety of Aftermarket Products for equipment of all types, from Preventative Maintenance to Personnel Safety and Process Efficiencies. Midwest Hose can offer the right product to maximize safety and profits. All products are installed by trained Midwest Hose Technicians and come with Product and Service Warranties.

  • Continuous lubrication at regular intervals
  • Each point receives an optimal quantity of lubricant
  • Eliminates / reduces lost time due to having to stop the machine for maintenance

Pedestrian Detection

  • Prevents collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrians
  • Stress reduction of vehicles' operations and of pedestrians alike
  • Enhanced productivity

On-board Weighing Systems

  • Maximum accessibility to your data via the internet
  • The highest level of security through encrypted data exchange
  • Modern interfaces for use on your own system

Range Limiting Device

  • Eliminates risks of contacts with environmental obstacles
  • Facilitates a surveillance of the working environment
  • Eliminates human error, responsible for many serious accidents and fatalities

On-board Backup Camera

  • Reduces repair and maintenance costs
  • Increases productivity and strengthens security
  • Rugged and waterproof

Dump Truck Safety Device

  • Sends visual and audible signal when the truck is operating and the bucket is not fully lowered
  • Informs the operator in real time the degree and height of the dump truck, as well as the degree of the dumping
  • Complies with the regulation of safety devices of dump truck of the code of road safety

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